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 Importance of Your Home Value

With today’s real estate market ever changing, understanding your home value is sometimes hard to navigate accurately. Various tools are available to help guide you are available from the Big Red Team. Want to know what your home value is?  Click HERE to find out what your home is worth today.

Various factors go into determining your home value. Some key factors to consider when pricing your home include but are not limited to location, condition, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, exterior material, garage spaces and lot size. The Big Red Team will carefully calculate various features of your home to determine your home value  whether you are just curious or are thinking about selling your home.

Understanding Real Estate Values

Real Estate Values aYour Home Valuere locally determined and will many times fluctuate from county to county and city to city.  Even markets close to one another can many times have a major difference in values. The constant changes within industries, local businesses and city planning can help and/or hinder current home values.

Government decisions like the current Ohio River Bridge Project and River Ridge Industrial area in Charlestown, Indiana will make an almost immediate impact on the current value of homes within both, the Southern Indiana real estate market and the real estate market in the East End of Louisville, Kentucky. Charlestown’s River Ridge Project will bring thousands of jobs into both the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas thus creating a slightly higher demand for homes and development in both areas.

Determining your home value can sometimes be a daunting task. Never hesitate to contact Craig Eberle’s Big Red Team,  we have over 13 years of real estate valuation experience.  We can assist you with determining the current value of one of your most important financial investments.

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