Using a Calendar Makes Life Less Stressful

Southern Indiana Schools Calendar

The more we plan, the easier life can be.  Having a plan of action revolved around various activities from your children’s school calendar and activities, family vacations, sports and other extracurricular events can cause less stress. That being said make plans each year to block out some time with your family planning and start making a plan. By doing so, stress among the family can lower and more quality time and fun can be had by all.

Southern Indiana Schools Calendar

Communication amongst the family is one of the most important parts of a lower stress environment with each other. Having a plan and organizing your year, week or days can be a big help in making this a reality.

The week between Christmas and New Years is a great time to sit down with one another, pull out available calendars and start planning with items such as school events, work events, as well as upcoming sports & other activities.

Other tips include to only work out of one calendar. Using more than one can many times cause problems.  Utilize something like Google Calendar, which is free. All members in the family can view calendars on their smart device or phones as well as add and remove important events. This can be a great tool because each member of the family can pull up one another’s calendar and see what is going on a certain day or week.

Using Google Calendar Video

Here at Craig Eberle’s Big Red Team of Keller Williams Realty in Southern Indiana, following a plan and a Southern Indiana schools calendar among team members is an important part of providing great service and selling homes for our clients here in Southern Indiana and the Louisville Real Estate communities.

Southern Indiana Schools Calendar

To help in your planning we have attached southern Indiana schools calendar enabling to begin your family planning.

2015-2016 NAFC School Calendar

2016-2017 NAFC School Calendar

2015-2016 Clark County School Calendar

2016-2017 Clark County School Calendar

2015-2016 West Clark School Calendar

2015-2016 North Harrison Calendar

2015-2016 South Harrison School Calendar

2016-2017 South Harrison School Calendar

Local Southern Indiana Schools:

New Albany Floyd County Schools

Greater Clark Schools

West Clark Schools

North Harrison Schools

South Harrison Schools

We hope this is helpful for you.  Happy Planning!

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